Prima Maria
Bright art brand with good vibes
Brand Prima Maria is based on the artworks of Ukrainian artist of art naïve Maria Prymachenko. Motives of her incredible paintings compose the visual
environment of the brand.
Over the years of the artist's life (1909 – 1997) Maria Prymachenko found her inspiration in nature and people. Moved by infinite love to all the living creatures the artist became a real medium, transferring the audience to her prodigious world of unusual animals and plants.
Nowadays the fantastic images of Maria's paintings are embodied into fashion, entertainment and lifestyle design...
The Brand
Vibrant and optimistic brand, an external expression of individual's emotional world.
Prima Maria is the embodiment of fundamental human values that has no cultural and territory boundaries:
• Power of Life / Energy of Earth
• Peace and Kindness
• Self-expression and Creativity

Brand Events
The artist created above 900 unique paintings, a large number of sculptures and embroideries.
Maria Prymachenko is a world-known master of art naїve.